Unjust thoughts
Lying prostrate
Stretching thin like
The toes of a cat

A dreamlike state
(No – just like a dream)
Basking and waiting
Like willows unadorned

Seeping, seething
Just below conscious weight
Catechisms gone mad as
I watch and behold instinct

Compare and wonder
What of those who imagined
The First Thoughts of man
When becoming aware for the first time

Their Being now becomes
Undone to the wherewithal of Light
Unmasked – a treasure of his own tomb
Casting to dawn the knowledge of Self as one.


© K. James Ribble

“Awoken” first appeared on this blog in August of 2016. It was since published in Figroot PressIssue Three December 2016, a wonderful collection of poetry, prose, art & photography, found here.  Check it out!  >KJR<