I’ve become my own sole course catalyst

Setting larger-than-life diversions
Into play – a clandestine motion
We both knew was life changing

From the smallest seed came

The Light of a look beyond my view
Inside my own soul of mission above a life
Catastrophic geography cannot bear

Between capsized mountains of my progeny

The newborn symbols of my years on earth
All standing on the sands of a time I cannot change
Nor grasp, just out of reach – to each man

His own adroitness his own pouring into the

Children of their own generations through time
As decades of lost words escape the edge of winter
A season inside me so cold yet memory survives its grip

Memories of an unthawing of sorts on

A slow and uneven pace like a stream
That starts and stops as the days get
Longer then rushes to its ocean

Like the downstream recognition of

Where I’ve been alongside people who
Matter to me assembled in the breadth and
Depth of my hearts ache to tell their

Stories from my perspective –

Spring is here now in the North:
A vast and limitless world of possibility
Unfolds like the cherry tree outside my window

© K. James Ribble