As The Day Begins

Sunlight the sum of all that I Am
Covers me like a blanket
Like the one my mother swathed me in
Photons splayed across the room
Revealing her presence as if she
Were standing next to me
I am exposed to the warmth of Light
The Light of Angels who administer
The love of this illumination just
Like water that flows among the rocks
Of the river just outside my window
I am surrounded and embraced
Once again showing me how I am
Loved in this world and how I
Can love others . . .
All my life all my life I have sought you
And you have always been there even
When I thought I was all aloneYour sunlight spills and drenches me
Its warmth is all around me
Bathes me in its perfection and I
Am overcome with the splendor just
Like a boy who falls in love for
The first very time. And I am
Embraced once again warmed to the core of my
Being once again.

© K. James Ribble