Never Once

Never once have I –ever-
Thought of you other
Than my equal.
Set aside by my choice
Only to walk a maelstrom of indecision all
Giving way to an unknowable depth of loss on

A journey I never knew I could carry
Toward my future I saw but never envisioned as if
My gaze stepped-over ceilings that never stopped
As all that thought manifests beneath my earthen feet
Sentient as I am amid a panic of painstakingly, heartbreaking
Mention of you – and I place your heart inside mine like a

Steam of fog gathering once more bearing
Gates of Dreams you who dreams a stairway of flaxen
Vision unfolding before my eyes her eyes seeing me
As the Embrace of all our time together in this place
The imperfections of which I cannot name but a few like
Those innocent enough to know
what our truth reveals just before dawn

© K. James Ribble