I glimpse the magnificence of your memory
With unwanted present day awareness
As if the thought of reuniting once again
Obstructs the view of my future
Like a commoner among royalty. . .

This windfall of emotion cannot conceal
Any ordinary mention of love nor can it
Catch the mastery of my heart’s only notion:
To memorize forever this taste of you
Inside the callousness of times repentant core . . .

The epic boldness of my dream reveals
A light far too orderly and crisp within
The senescent pallor of a day gone by on
The edge of all that I had hoped for
Quenched by the harshness of my own choices . . .

Rather it relinquishes its vision to the delicacy of hope
Where I am fraught with heaviness for heavens
Standard humbled by headlines bearing a day
Just like weather forecasting
My remaining lifetime of healing and rebirth.
© K. James Ribble