Galatians Knew

Building temples Galatia saw fit to idolize Augustus
In a gesture to show loyalty
Whereas my own heart builds a monument to Love
As a motion to embrace the only God I will ever know

I dedicate that building that venerable structure
To my loving Father who brought me to this Life
His gift beyond all reason, unfathomable in its depth
Human understanding undone by its breadth and scope

So I stumble to conquer my fears of living without creating
Attempt at all costs to emulate Him and all the ways
In which I can fulfill my own dreams yet find
Notion that vilifies the very seed of that creativity

It breaks my heart to think that I am not alone
In finding my skills to build among men once again
A bleak and lonely path to self-revelation wherein
My premonition is a reflection of the very building
I live in by my Self
©  K. James Ribble