What Cost

Just on the edge of memory
Steeped in the wash of time
Waves of her image flood my vision
Catapult me to that moment
Cast aside by the depths of my emotion

A toll that cost me all but my heart
Seeking but not finding my
Way above the differences we shared
I am still haunted by that place we occupied
To the detriment of everything I believed in

Catering now to the tributaries of a sign
That begets its own proclamation a signal
That cannot show its face as I cannot see
My own in ownership that I owe to the
Memory of you and all that you were

Beside me now just like a first kiss
Your breath upon my face your hair within my hand
I am caught like the moth like the mayfly
To the light just before dawn drowning in my
River of memory and the Light of all your Love

©  K. James Ribble