Rock Formations

Em-paneled before words I speak
No one can hear as I become witness
To an extraordinary play of light
And shadow reveal the timeless beauty
Of life, my heart like lake-effect snow,
Like scant air released from antiquity,
Billows beyond the legion of escarpments
Taken from the millings of godshards
As all emotions (like motion) form the
Broth of natures healing, forming sentient
Beings, omniscient healers, reckoning in
The shallows of the sun, their stillness
Therein lines passages like a shrilling
Of thought, past equations of sunlight inclining
The Songs of Light against the darkness of time.


© K. James Ribble


Abutment against time all
Lexicons alike blurred past
A thousand algorithms
Rendering space upended

Many minds can dwell among
Us unrepentant towards cause
Yet find ourselves amazed that
The sun still rises every morning

Without fail

Canvassing the sky with time’s
View of the Laws there can
Be no other awakening – lest
We quench our thirst as the

Last known remembrances to
Ourselves a prayer unto us the
Dreamers who love with utter
Abandon at the Gates of All Cost

© K. James Ribble