I Remember


Settle softly
The winds of thought,
My mind that is radiant you.
I bound in the
Harpsichord happiness of your words
On fresh water lakes
Strong and obedient
To the lightly searing music
Of your sun warmth…
So soft is the sound
Of emotions echo
Found in the deep lake woods
Near the shoreline wake
Of my subtle summer memory of you
And I remember:
Majestic is your face
That draws my heart in graphic harmony
Like the tide pull strength
Of your softly spoken smile.


© K. James Ribble

Sacred Site

To the extent that
I can love you
– I surrender –
your name, now sacrosanct
(to call out to you now)
all nature beckons me
with you at its center
as if sunlight itself
soft as sateen and percale
object of my desire
all of my
love now
exposed to the sky
of your surroundings,
your ocean eyes of
Cayman blue enclose me
with salty confections
the same way your sensuous
waves of Cimarron hair
bestows your grace on me
all sustenance, that sacred site
of you framed like the
gardens of Versailles
– you –
a precious whole note
a calm flourish –
symphony of our love.


© K. James Ribble